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Pressed Plants "Naturally" by Bernd Hildebrandt
Hardback, 96pp, 189 x 246 x 14mm, 220 colour illustrations
ISBN (English Edition): 9781916246409
Published by Hi-Creative Design

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Also available: German Edition and bilingual (English/German) 2-book set


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Back cover

Pressed Plants "Naturally" features an inspiring, wide-ranging and alternative approach to the pressed flower craft. Over 160 plants with 220 colour illustrations, and additional diagrams, demonstrate the diverse possibilities for everyone – those already familiar with this delightful art form as well as the potential newcomer. The pressing and presenting of plants' botanical characteristics is based on many decades of well-tested and applied experience. This book aims to encourage people to take up this creative activity.

Bernd Hildebrandt trained in the diaconate for caring service in society. Already in his student days he discovered that the diverse forms of visual expression could be used as effective educational tools, a concept that sixty years ago was still met with scepticism but that we now take for granted.

His vocation brought him to London, where throughout his working life and beyond, supported by his family, he used art and craft as a beneficial aid in day-to-day social activities.

Presented in this book is one of the author's various creative interests, that have delighted many people over the years. It is ultimately in all respects an appreciation of nature.



RHS members' magazine The Garden and
RHS quarterly The Plant Review (see reviews ...)

"I was amazed to see such a beautiful book. I had no idea you were working on such a big project. The pictures are just lovely. The text is written in a way which makes it easy to understand with clear instructions ... It is truly a beautiful book ..."

"... your lovely book! What an amazing achievement! And I found the family collaboration element of it rather moving. How lovely that you all contributed to it. It's a very gentle art, flower pressing, but your dad has managed to do it to such a high standard. It's really beautiful."


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