Women of Reading

Women of Reading is a collection of linocuts first shown at the exhibition "Reading in the margins" at the HolyBrook Gallery, Central Library Reading, 2018, a joint exhibition with fellow artist Liz Real.

I have since added some other noteworthy women associated with Reading.

In 2018, the year we commemorated 100 years since women first received the vote in the UK, I paid my own tribute to some of the eminent women associated with Reading and with whom I found an affinity.

The other works reflect some of today’s women as I continue to explore the world with my strolling technology figures. And in artistic traditions, I included a new self portrait in a historic setting.

Linocuts of the figures were based on researching the women of Reading, for some of whom very few images exist, creating an imagined likeness. A “home” is found for them to be in, be it a facsimile page of a book, or a map of the time, and then key words I found relevant have been included. Each tells its own story. And as amateur archivist, it’s important to mention that no books or maps were harmed in the making of these works, and all respect is given to the original creators.

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